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By tim huffman

Limiting Out for Crappie

Limiting Out For Crappie is a guide for fishing the four seasons. Pros and experts share basic to advanced tactics, techniques and tips. Spring chapters feature fish movements, shallow-water fishing and stealth tactics. Summer is filled with popular techniques for trolling crankbaits. Pulling, pushing and planer board crankbaiting allows a fisherman to catch suspended open-water crappie not caught with other techniques. Fall includes clear and stained waters, oxbows, intersections and the fall turnover. Winter is big fish time with lake drawdown, mid-depth stumps and deep stumps playing major roles. There are chapters on cleaning and cooking crappie. The final chapter features people who have made a difference in crappie fishing. If your goals are to learn successful strategies and add more crappie to the end of your line, this book is for you. This book won third place in 2019 outdoor book awards from the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers.


Paperback ($12.99) available from Grizzly Jig Company 800-305-9866.  Paperback or kindle version ($3.99)available at

About the author

Tim Huffman

Tim Huffman has written about crappie fishing for over 31 years. Credits include over 2000 articles, more than 100 cover photos and eight books. He is currently the editor of Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Tournament Trail Magazine, senior writer for CrappieNow Magazine and contributor to MidSouth Hunting & Fishing News, Outdoor Guide, Midwest Outdoors and others. Awards in 2019 include third place for his book, “Limiting Out for Crappie”, by the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers; and receiving the Crappie Masters’ Lifetime Achievement Award.

            His writing and photography style is logical, straight-forward and simple how-to. “I love to fish, but the next-best thing to fishing is talking about fishing,” says Huffman. “My writing goal has always been to help readers catch more fish.

            “God has blessed me in many ways and one has been the opportunity to travel, see many beautiful sunrises, work with expert fishermen and catch a few fish.”

By tim huffman

300+ Crappie Fishing Tips

Charles and Travis Bunting have won three Classic Championships, Angler Team of the Year, state championships and have other top finishes. They are perfect for sharing in-depth details about techniques, tactics and tournament tips that can be applied to recreational fishing. Their 300-plus tips give specific information to help you put more fish on the end of your line. A few topics include jigging, run & gun tactics, slow trolling, high water, fall transition, fish habits and more. This book is fun, easy reading with basic to advanced tips.

 Paperback ($12.95) or kindle version ($3.99) available from Paperback also available at Grizzly Jig Co. 800-305-9866.